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          Was over consumption a harbinger for hording, or the other way around?

          Nothing brings out the best . . . and worst in0163 people like a crisis. And the coronavirus pandemic is a perfect example of that. Neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping stranger — sewing critically needed face masks from donated cloth; inspiring sidewalk messages, such as my neighbor’s.

          Then there’s the flip side: people raiding supermarkets loading carriages to the point where a Bounty package mountain blocks their field of vision, completely wiping out supplies of essential products. This ME FIRST attitude, in my opinion, is a manifestation of our nation’s over consumption ethos. In my Over Consumption commentary I said “We’re a nation consumed by consumption.”

          During World War II, when we clearly saw the enemy, Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation, as called them, was the antithesis of so much of bad behavior we’re seeing today. They put other people first! Instead of running to the grocery store and clearing off shelves before anyone else could grab even a single roll of toilet paper, for example, they rationed their own supplies so there’d be enough to go around.

          Bigger picture, that same greedy hoarder mentality is endemic with Climate Change apathy. Too many people are ignoring the writing on the wall, with a business as usual mentality: driving their giant SUVs around the corner to, depending on their gender, do their nails or buy some nails. Walk!

          Set aside the coronavirus for a moment—and it is far worse than any natural disaster the world has ever faced— because human ingenuity will bring us out of it.

          It’s unfortunate the same human ingenuity isn’t treating the Climate Change crisis with the same urgency. Because, unchecked, Climate Change will put an end to life as we know it, sooner than anyone can imagine

          In every area of our lives, we MUST stop burning fossil fuels: our vehicles, home heating, manufacturing. This’ll be extremely difficult and expensive. But the alternative will be exceedingly worse. And cost exponentially more to fix it after-the-fact, if we even can. 

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