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          Energy: Use Less, Green the Rest

          Energy: Use Less, Green the Rest


          No doubt, life as we know it would not be possible without the ability to power all the thousands and thousands of modern conveniences out there; many, possibly in your house, or in your driveway.

          But unless your carbon footprint will fit on a postage stamp, you’ve got some work to do. Starting with how you power your home. Many, many communities offer opportunities to derive all of your electricity from regionally-sourced, 100% Class 1 renewable energy. If you’re not signed up for this net zero option, you’re jeopardizing your future and the world around you.

          Next is how you heat or cool your home. While high efficiency gas boilers may be a few steps ahead of dirty heating oil, gas, especially fracked gas, is a greenhouse gas (GHG) menace. If you plan to remain in your home for at least ten years and you’re only somewhat concerned about the future of civilization, then invest in solar panels and a mini-split heat pump.

          A heat pump is essentially a condenser that pumps warm or cool air through conduits to what are commonly referred to as heads—mounted to the wall in a room (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.) to deliver that comfort directly where you want it.

          If you have solar panels or your home is a candidate for them, you could generate all or most of your heat and air conditioning from the rays of the sun.

          Lastly, in addition to driving a vehicle less, it’s time to go electric . . . or at least a hybrid. We, as a nation . . . as a planet, cannot continue to pump millions of metric tons carbon into the atmosphere without temperatures rising exponentially bringing us to the brink of collapse.

          So, do your part:

          1. opt-up to 100% renewable electricity

          2. install a mini-split heat pump—preferably powered by solar panels

          3. trade in your internal combustion engine vehicle for an electric or at least hybrid vehicle.

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