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          ECOS® Fruit & Veggie Wash — 22 fluid ounces

          ECOS® Fruit & Veggie Wash safely removes pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, dirt, wax and bacteria from the surface of fruits and vegetables – to benefit your family’s health
          Manufacturer: ECOS
          Availability: In stock

          Fruit & Vegetable Wash is tasteless and easily rinses away completely
          Because natural ingredients are used, the color and body of the product may vary 


          • Water, Alcohol Denat. (corn-derived solvent), Caprylyl/Myristyl Glucoside (plant-based surfactant), Potassium Sorbate (plant-based food grade preservative), Citric Acid (plant-based pH adjuster)


          • pH 3.0-3.5, but gentle on hands and skin
          • Non-polluting/100% biodegradable/non-toxic/natural
          • Made of replenishable/sustainable ingredients
          • Plant-based surfactants we use do not harm the item being cleaned, your body or the environment
          • Helps remove pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, dirt, and wax
          • 100% tasteless
          • Odorless
          • Rinses away completely; leaves no residue or aftertaste
          • No lengthy cleaning process required: sprays on and rinses off; works quickly and easily; no need to scrub or soak; no waiting period
          • Free of bleach, DEA or hydrogen peroxide
          • Easy to recycle: #1 PETE HDPE plastic container


          • Great for cleaning hands, cutting boards, and other surfaces before and after preparing fresh produce
          • Use to clean fruit and vegetables before eating/cooking
          • Especially ideal for cleaning off oily pesticides, waxes and chemicals that are designed to be water resistant


          • Doesn’t irritate skin
          • Fruit and vegetables grown inorganically can be cleansed of surface pesticides, chemicals and waxes without depositing other harmful chemicals or adversely effecting taste
          • Safe for you and the environment
          • Non-toxic/non-polluting, and
          • It really works!


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