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          CrunchTime’s Tree-planting Initiative

          CrunchTime’s Tree-planting Initiative

          CrunchTime has teamed up with the congressionally-chartered National Forest Foundation to help with their program of planting trees in our national forests all across the country. Chartered by Congress in October 1992 under the leadership of the United States Forest Service, the National Forest Foundation has planted many millions of trees from coast to coast.

          More recently, they have set a very high goal of planting 50 million trees by 2023. With your help, CrunchTime will contribute mightily to that tremendous goal. Part of every purchase that you make at CrunchTime.me will go to contribute to the National Forest Foundation’s tree-planting initiative.

          While many companies and organizations boast about directing 2% of their profits to charitable causes, CrunchTime donates a full three percent of sales to the National Forest Foundation. That is a HUGE difference. Think about it, if Company A commits to donating 2% of its profits to charity, and it sells $800,000 worth of widgets and earns $72,000 in Net Profits, their 2% donation amount to just $1,440—or less than one fifth of one percent. CrunchTime, on the other hand, with just $80,000 worth of sales, will donate $2,400 to charity—that’s more than 66% more money on ten percent of the revenue. You do the math.

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